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NBA Playoffs: The Cavaliers should improve (1)


Is not an easy task for the Chicago Bulls to face the King and the Cavaliers; this year they have one goal, the NBA Finals, and are more than determined to get there at all cost, giving their best effort since the first game of the post season.

Chicago seemed to be a little out of focus and way behind the performance of the Cavaliers in game one, but the scenario was very different in the second game; not only did they improve, but they looked good and more confident. But the King had other plans, scoring 15 of his 40 points only in the 4th quarter. He alone has the power to get away from the Chicago threat. He just seems unstoppable, hitting jumpers one after another. Game 3 was different not only because Chicago won by 2 points, but they also had Cleveland playing in their own style. The Cavaliers showed a lack of urgency to deal with their rival and this pushed Chicago not only to play good basketball, but also impose the pace to the King's team. The Offensive of the Chicago Bulls is the 28th this season and Cleveland has allowed them to score 102 points in 2 consecutive games; something seems to be wrong in this area.

This game should work as a warning for the Cavaliers: since March, they are just walking on court when they should be running to leave their opponents behind, getting to this year finals. They seem like a lazy team, pretty confident in their skills and forgetting that this is the postseason. This is not a thought in a rush after their loss of the third game, but it seems that they have forgotten how to put their best performance in every game. Maybe the 3 key players from the team, Lebron 39-10-8, Antawn 19-10 and Mo 21-3, are putting out all their efforts, but where are the rest of them? Parker and Shaq have 8 and 6 points respectively, and the bench has a really low 8 combined shots (5 of them Delonte West). Meanwhile, in the other side of the street, all 5 starters for the Bulls were in double figures and 3 of them with more than 20 points. If the Cavaliers are planning to get to the finals this year, they have to work a lot harder in both sides of the court. offensive and defensive.