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Significance of Exotic Wager in Sports Handicapping (3)


Horse racing in sports betting is supported by Exotic betting options as one of the most profitable payouts of wagering. One may be questioning as how the odds in sports racing sports betting can possibly tilt in his favor given the horses' number in a race and the enormous odds are picked against the finishers of top2 or top3 in the exact order? This may be a question for most of them seeking the answer for this. However, the answer may lie in a statistical process to anticipate the top2 or top3 horses for finishing ahead of the pack depending upon the statistical deviation analysis of the strength of your past performance. When these findings are presented in a graphic form, it allowed the users to see the patterns of exotic wagering opportunity instantly. In other words, while seeing a graph having 2 to 3 horses through positive bar graphs along with the rest of the field is supported with the negative bar graphs.

Now, you will question as to what the predictability of the process is? In the mathematical permutations of a 9-horse race, predictable odds for the top 3 horses in the actual order comprises as 3 i.e. 9/3. This comes to be as a single chance in 1,102. It is as similar as picking 3 numbers from a hat. If you are assuming that the past performance strength of all the horses are equal. Testing back with the implementation of past-performance strength diminishes the odds by a large amount i.e. around in a ratio of 1:50. Now, if you are implementing a further statistical method along with employing a wagering strategy of Trifecta 'box', there is 1 chance in about 8 for hitting the payoff. However, it includes all wagering combinations including 6 of them out of the 3 horses.

Your another question could be regarding finding any system where the options get filtered from the 1:1, 120 odds lesser than 1:8 odds? The answer is absolutely 'yes'. Again the principle of mathematics applies here for accomplishing this. If the playing guys can win the game of 21 with using a deck of 52 cards, then why not they win a race with using the 7, 8, 9 or more number of horses?

The huge research about the exotic wager or bets such a find program has been introduced in the world of sports betting in horse racing. All the above stated mathematical permutations are used in the handicapping system for devising these graphs. These graphs not only let the user observe how the horses are stacking up, but also avail the additional numeric data to the user for further making wiser decisions regarding wagering. Just try looking at weeks and get the most intuitive presentation to learn about the exotic wager over the internet.

However, always remains away from the so called 'gurus' in this field that claim that they are able to pick up the winners an can benefit you as well. There is no formula of winning through any short cut; hence, always believe in your gaming instinct and then play the game.