Bet on Horse Racing

here are no minimum daily volume requirements and there is no maximum on how much you can earn. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, we will credit you a rebate based on your volume and track categories:

A TracksB TracksC TracksGreyhoundInternational
Jazz rebates7%4%4%1%4%
  • No rebate will be given on cancelled wagers or wagers refunded due to a scratch.
  • No rebate will be given on payouts of $2.10 and $2.20.
  • No rebate will be given on Pick 3.
  • Any combinations with scratched horses on PICK 3, PICK 4, PICK 5 or PICK 6 will be automatically refunded and they will not be added to the favorite.
  • Important Note: Rebate only applies to wagers placed through the horse wagering interface (Racebook).
  • It does not apply to any matchups, props or other wagers made through the sportsbook login.
  • The 7% rebate bonus will be paid daily.


  • If a wager is made after the race has started it will not be paid. We reserve the right to cancel any wager due to a ticket being past post or any computer malfunction in the closing time of any race.
  • We do not assume responsibility for wagers that are unsuccessfully entered before post time.
  • When you wager on a horse that is coupled with other horses, your wager includes all horses running under that number. If a horse is coupled with others, you receive all horses running as a part of the entry. If part of the entry is scratched and the other part of the entry runs, all wagers have action.
  • Online, there is no “must go” action as part of the entry. If one of the entry horses run, all wagers have action.
  • There are no house odds. If there are no track payoffs for certain type of wager, all wagers will be refunded.
  • If a horse is scratched, all Win/Place/Show wagers will be refunded and the portion of Exacta/Trifecta/Superfecta/Quinella combos that contain the scratched horse will be refunded. (Please see rule regarding entries)
  • If a track is on our betting menu, but not listed on the horse track categories, the track defaults to the “D tracks” category with that track’s scheduled payoffs.
  • Horse wagers will be graded within 15 minutes of the race being made official. We will not be liable for any loss alleged to result from a delay in grading.

Types of wagers offered

  • We offer wagers on Win, Place, Show, Daily Doubles, Exactas, Quinellas, Trifectas, Superfectas, Pick 3’s, Parlays and Round Robin Parlays.
  • We do not offer House Quinellas or If bets on horse races.
  • On selected races such as Triple Crown races and Breeders Cup, we offer two horse matchups.
  • In matchups between two or more named horses, all horses must go for wagers to have action.
  • Matchups are determined by horse name. Any track coupling is irrelevant toward determining the winner of a matchup.
  • In matchups between one named horse and the field, wagers will have action if and only if the named horse starts. Scratches of horses on the field will not affect the standing of the wager.
  • The highest place finisher involved in the matchup will determine the winner of the matchup. If no horse finishes, the matchup will be graded no action.
  • For Triple Crown races, such as Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Preakness, also the Breeders Cup Classic and the Dubai World cup we offer “A” track limits for wagering and payouts.

Horse Racing Tracks and Information

W/P/S LIMITS $1000$250$100$100$250
GIMMICKS LIMITS $100$50$20$20$50
  • All tracks pay full odds up to a maximum of $50,000

Exceptions to the Full Payout Rule, are the following:

Daily Double200/1150/1100/1
PK 3 Max Payouts250/1200/1150/1
Total Payout Limit$25,000$15,000$10,000

If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected]