Join the Predictor challenge Contest: Bundesliga 2023-2024 season

Get ready for this season’s Premier League soccer and participate in the predictor challenge selecting the correct order of the teams during this season.


Full season contest

  • 1st Place: $125.00 Free play
  • 2nd Place: $50.00 Free play
  • 3rd Place: $25.00 Free play

Important Notes:

  • Buy in allowed at a cost of $5 per entry.
  • Customer can purchase as many entries as needed, there is no max cap.
  • If you would like a free entry, please make at least on Future Bet of at least $50 in order to receive your free entry.  Contact customer service as soon as your wager is posted with real money so your free entry is assigned before the cut-off date.
  • Participants will accumulate points earned with every correct selection and a leaderboard will determine the winner.
  • All selections have to be made before 1st of September 2023.
  • Tie splits the pot among contenders.

How It Works:

Accumulate points for each correct position of a team.  To earn the points the team must be in the selected position at the end of the tournament.

1st2 pts
2nd2 pts
3rd2 pts
4th4 pts
5th4 pts
6th4 pts
7th6 pts
8th6 pts
9th6 pts
10th6 pts

Example from Season 2021-2022 Premier League

1st Liverpool0 pts
2nd Manchester United0 pts
3rd Chelsea2 pts
4th  Tottenham4 pts
5th   Arsenal4 pts
6th     Manchester City0 pts
7th    West Ham6 pts
8th     Wolves0 pts
9th    Brighton6 pts
10th  Leicester City0 pts
Total points earned22 pts