Betting Preview for the NBA Season 2023/24



As always, the NBA is full of franchise overhauls during the offseason, and this season isn’t the exception. We have teams who have significantly improved leading up to this season, while other teams seem to be looking to jump on that lottery pick bandwagon.

All in all, JazzSports is excited to provide you with the best NBA betting opportunities throughout the 2023/2024 campaign. We can’t wait to see what new records Lebron James will break, how many triple doubles will Nicola Jokic have, and  what chemistry will the Phoenix Suns have to start of their season.

Top NBA Contenders

Denver Nuggets: the defending champions will look to strengthen their chemistry even more, proving that their super star center, Nikola Jokic, will have the same motivation and fire as he showed while watching his horses win the championship in Serbia. Jamal Murray will also look to establish himself as a top league player and Aaron Gordon should be hungry for more Nugget success.

Phoenix Suns: you got to give it to Kevin Durant, as he always has a knack to go to squad where a super team is a midst. Nonetheless, this time around it was Bradley Beal who headed over to the Suns to create a new Big 4 between Durant, Booker, Ayton and Beal. Despite the salaries paid to these 4 guys, they still managed to acquire a good amount of role players to create a great Phoenix team.

Boston Celtics: will Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown ever make it happen in Boston? We’ll give them another shot this year as the top contenders in the Eastern Conference. Philly is having chemistry issues, while the Bucks lost our respect in last years’ playoffs. We’ll see if Jimmy Buckets and the Heat can muster a challenge for the Easter Conference crown, but odds are the Celtics will be tough this season, especially since acquiring Porzingis.

Worst NBA Teams

Detroit Pistons: the Pistons are a young team looking to develop as quickly as possible so they can escape their “bad team” reputation.  They picked up Ausar Thompson, who should provide strength and versatility under the rim, but they’ll still need Cade Cuningham to take the reigns and lead the team to more victories than last year.

Orlando Magic: The Magic are another you team which provide and entertaining atmosphere in Orlando, however, that doesn’t necessarily translate over to wins. The Wagner bros will continue to get better, and Markell Fultz has continued his nice comeback story. We’;; see if rookie Anthony Black can get the team where it needs to be this season: the Playoffs.

Houston Rockets: The Rockets are another team full of youngster with a bright future. All they need is an actual leader to get them over the hump. We think newly acquired Fred Van Fleet and Dillon Brooks will create a culture of determination for those wins. Jabari Smith, Jalen Green and rookie Amen Thomspon will be interesting to watch under new coach, Ime Udoka.

Best Future Bets in the NBA

NBA Rookie of the Year

Phenom Victor Wembanyama from the Spurs has everything it takes to take the ROY crown. He has the hype, length, skill set to do so, he just needs to stay healthy. That skinny frame is capable of some highlight reels, but is he capable to not get injured? We’ll see!

NBA MVP of the Year

We all know Nicola Jokic doesn’t care about individual trophies and accolades, he just wants to win. But we also all know he is just too good, making the game look like a piece of cake while generating crazy stats and wins for his Nuggets team. We think Jokic has this in the bag, unless the media creates another storyline to deviate from his greatness.

NBA Champion 2023/24 season

If the Suns stay healthy, it’s theirs to take. Who in their right mind is going to beat a healthy Devin Booker, Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal? That offensive power is unmatched… they just need to worry about getting some defensive stops and they should be fine. Betting on the Suns to win the chip this year is a great bet to take a chance on.