To get started, follow these steps:

1. Create your new account at JazzSports or log into your existing account.

2. Head over to the Game Lobby and look for the “Spin and Win Tournament” category.

3. Choose any slot game from Mancala Gaming within this category and start playing.

4. The scoring mechanics are 1 USD = 100 points.

Tournament Prizes

1st Place200 Free Spins
2nd Place150 Free Spins
3rd Place100 Free Spins
4th Place95 Free Spins
5th Place90 Free Spins
6th Place85 Free Spins
7th Place80 Free Spins
8th Place75 Free Spins
9th Place70 Free Spins
10th Place65 Free Spins
11th Place60 Free Spins
12th Place55 Free Spins
13th Place50 Free Spins
14th Place45 Free Spins
15th Place35 Free Spins
16th Place30 Free Spins
17th Place25 Free Spins
18th Place20 Free Spins
19th Place19 Free Spins
20th Place18 Free Spins
21st Place17 Free Spins
22nd Place16 Free Spins
23rd Place15 Free Spins
24th Place14 Free Spins
25th Place13 Free Spins
26th Place12 Free Spins
27th Place11 Free Spins
28th Place10 Free Spins
29th Place5 Free Spins
30th Place3 Free Spins

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Mancala Gaming tournament prize fund is equivalent to 1,483 Free Spins and will be distributed between 30 winners.
  2. EUR is equivalent to 1 USD for the purposes of calculating tournament points.
  3. The bonus does not require a bet to be released after the tournament has ended and will be released within 72 hours.
  4. The winners will be able to use their Free Spins in one of the participating games of the tournament.
  5. The Casino reserves the right to view transaction records at any time and for any reason. If during this verification it is discovered that the player(s) are applying strategies that the Casino considers malicious, at its discretion, the Casino reserves the right to revoke that player’s right to continue participating.
  6. The casino reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time.
  7. See the Casino Terms and Conditions for more information.